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You are an amazing couple! Or at least that is what you think you are." Your chemistry is very good but there are some issues that need to be solved along your journey together. Most of the time, however, you are not sure about what you want and you are not willing to sacrifice for your relationship. Keep in mind that respect and communication are the keys to long-term relationship success. A very positive aspect of your relationship is that you will never get bored together and your life will be filled with strong emotions There is a lot of respect between you. Mutual surrender can start the flame of passion and is very likely that you end up marrying. Tolerance, forgiveness and promise are the things that keep you together. Try to keep the flame burning! Never go out with someone just because you think you should. Everyone - your friends, your family and even strangers - think you are the perfect couple. Love in your relationship can grow and be strong enough, but for now it remains at an early stage. And it's time to see if your relationship has solid foundations to work on or if is based only on material aspects.

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Taurus Reliable, patient, stubborn
Leo Creative, generous, humorous
Scorpio Brave, passionate, distrusting
Sagittarius Generous, idealistic, impatient
Capricorn Responsible, disciplined, unforgiving
1 Aries + Gemini
2 Leo + Sagittarius
3 Taurus + Capricorn
4 Cancer + Scorpio
5 Aquarius + Libra